Let’s all commit to positively encouraging one person today

I was at the gym today and noticed a person shirking their body in a seizure like motion trying to curl some very heavy weights.  I thought ” here goes another one” getting ready to tell his buddies how much he curled. I always struggle whether I should say something to people who are not lifting correctly or just go about my routine. Today I felt compelled to ask him the question of “are you going for a max lift today?” . He told me that this was his normal workout and was intent on getting large biceps but had minimal results. We talked for a bit more and I asked him to try less weight while concentrating more on his form. He tried a couple of sets this way and told me that he had never felt his biceps pump like that before. I could see his face change from hopelessness to encouragement. 


Thought for today: There are so many myths and magic bullets that get passed around the diet and workout world. Let’s take the time to help and encourage others so that they too can enjoy the benefits of their hard work


One thought on “Let’s all commit to positively encouraging one person today

  1. I think it’s great that you did that! lots of people would have chosen to just focus on themselves but you helped that person make a step forward which will benifit him in the future, great job!

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