You only become old when you let others convince you that you are

As these last 10 years have gone by I’ve noticed how some people want to tell me I’m getting old. It brings up many emotions. Those emotions range from , if I was 25 years younger I would take you outside, or let’s go to the gym now and see if you can do what I do . I’ve done a lot of soul searching regarding when its time to give up weight lifting and trying to keep in shape. I question whether I should just go to full time yoga and not mix my routines anymore. I find myself turning my focus on why do people want to call any of us old.? Is it because they feel so poorly about themselvesĀ  and they are worried that one day they too will be old? I’m sure that there are as many reasons as there are people that say those kind of thingsĀ  The one thing that I do know is that I’m not old until I say I’m old. So for all of you younger guys that want to continue to call me old I say ill meet you at the gym.

Thought for the day: No one can make you feel anything about yourself unless you let them.


4 thoughts on “You only become old when you let others convince you that you are

  1. Attitude means so much. But w/ all the injured veterans returning, you must admit that some of us face more obstacles than others. Unfortunately, I myself am a couch potato. Just reading about your workouts tires me out (LOL). BTY, thank you for the follow! Keep up the good work. I’m sure you inspire many readers to improve their fitness.

  2. clarissa415 says:

    I’m over 60 and started using 2 pound weights. I was really adding to my treadmill and steps routines. I pulled something and couldn’t use my left arm for days, but I realize that I was flinging my arms, showing no respect to the weights. I think as long as we “old” people (I’m NOT old!) use common sense, nothing will stop us!

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