Is it actually possible to feel better than you did 25 years ago

I overheard an interesting conversation in the gym as I was ending my workout.  There were a couple of guys debating there current state of fitness. Both of these self proclaimed gym lifers were in their early forties and were talking of how strong and full of life they were many years ago. It made me take inventory of my own health and wellness. I do feel that I am healthier  in body and spirit more than ever before. I am in my mid fifties but am still at the same weight as when I was in High School.  I still mix weight training with yoga and eat healthier now than ever before.  So in essence I continue to be stronger as I season and enjoy excellent health.  I believe that visualizing what we want for our body and mental well being leads us to our current  state

Thought for the day: our mind shapes our approach for our daily living and fitness results


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