When you’re in the gym what do you say when someone…….

I am looking for some advise on how to handle something that has been happening to me in the gym over the last few months. I will be in the middle of a workout and someone will come up very close to the weights on the machine that I am using and look at the number. They don’t say anything and walk away. I start to think do they think I should be lifting more ? Then I remind myself that it’s about proper form and high reps for me and carry on. So my question would be is there a funny thing I can say or should I ask the person if they have a question about my routine. I don’t want to go without helping a person if the are curious but I don’t want to come on too strong either. Your thoughts?


20 thoughts on “When you’re in the gym what do you say when someone…….

  1. disconcerted72 says:

    Well, I always tend to be the kind of person to allow that other person to say what they want to say, without seeming like I beg it out of them. For example, a simple “Hello” opens the door for that person to see that you’re approachable…

    Just a thought…

  2. Louise says:

    I admire someone with good form far more than someone who has to modify their form in order to be able to lift a certain weight. The latter just looks silly 😛

  3. lenoralynmurdock says:

    Wondering how this worked out for you? I would go with the “May I help you,” or “Did you need something approach?” Kindly, of course. If they are getting in your personal space like that evidently they do need something! Nice blog.

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