How can it be that one day……………..

How can it be that my Saturday’s yoga practice took all that I had to complete and Sunday felt like I could go another 2 hours? I have similar experiences in the weight room as well. There are days that I can barely get through my workout and other days that there is not enough weight in the gym . I am constantly challenging myself and on days that I struggle I tell myself, give it 10 minutes. I know that if I can get through the early part I can complete my session. The key for me is to not give it up and enjoy the reward of a successful workout. So my question today is, do you face these same challenges and how do you overcome them?


15 thoughts on “How can it be that one day……………..

  1. Yes! I think everyone does. I think it depends on so many factors, sleep, diet and just our overall experiences on any particular day. On days that I’m not feeling it I try to honor that and not push to hard and vice versa if I have energy I’ll do extra. I think the key is creating that mind/body awareness and learning when to reach higher and when it’s okay to simply be still. :mrgreen: good post!

  2. It happens to me too. It’s like you can feel every second that is ticking by. Those days aren’t my favorite. I just push through cause ultimately once I leave I feel great!

  3. It happens to me as well. I don’t practise yoga, but I run. Some runs feel hard, even though I’m going really slowly (according to my watch) and sometimes it is the other way around.
    I keep a diary of my workouts and I find it always difficult to rate a workout that has not gone well: I haven’t done very much and therefore it should be categorized as “easy”, but I suffered, and therefore it should be labelled “hard”. What do you think?

  4. I often feel like this! Yesterday I plowed through 700 calories with ease when just the day before I felt like I was going to die half way in. Usually on those day, I envision what my legs look like now and that motivates me to give it my all. More recently, I’ve enlisted the aid of a preworkout drink.

  5. I was just thinking about this the other day! Seems so strange to me. I go a little further and harder on the days I can and push myself but not crazy hard on the days when I am struggling.

  6. This was demonstrated to me most clearly when I started stair climbing. After three flights up, my quads were burning and I felt I could go no further. I would then exit the stairs and walk around the hall (about 25 yards). My heart rate would fall and I could resume climbing. After I got used to stair climbing, I found I didn’t have to stop after the three flights. Simply continue and the pain would evaporate. I can’t explain this. I don’t know if it is mental or physical. I just know that it works. This is not to say that there aren’t daily broad fluctuations in energy and stamina as you relate. Sometimes while biking I have a lot of leg pain early and think about quitting. If I ride through it though, I often end up with a a good ride. Nice post!

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