As long as it comes from good intentions. …

I have been given a very difficult yet important assignment at work.  it is something that I am very good at and is I will accomplish.  My results will be positive for most but a few won’t be so fortunate.  I get through these type of situations by making sure every decision that I make comes from good intentions.  How do you get through difficult decisions?


15 thoughts on “As long as it comes from good intentions. …

  1. Hope things go well for you!
    Generally the pros and cons are weighed. Time is spent in prayer. Advice from wise ones is sought. Time is given to let everything settle in the brain. The outcomes are considered. A decision is reached. Decision making is not my forte! 🙂

  2. For me difficult decisions come from carefully weighing all the options and doing what I feel is ultimately best with all things considered. This way although some may get hurt I will have confidence that I considered all the angles and did the best I could. I would never want to look back and realize I overlooked something.

  3. I’m facing a point right now where there is no choice but to push through difficult times. It’s either push through.. orrrr…? Sometimes there is no alternative! That has indeed proven tricky.

  4. Mostly, I just eat. And drink. While eating and drinking, I try to think through all angles, and make sure my motivations are pure regarding the difficult decision I’m about to make. I try and imagine myself 10 years from now, and ask the question, “Will I be able to look myself in the eye once the adrenaline/anger/stress of this moment wears off?” If the answer is yes, I know I might be on the right track.

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