Watch out for the mud people…….they are everywhere

I was working out in the gym yesterday and I heard the 2 people talking. They were both in the beginning of their weight loss/fitness journey. The first person was struggling with free weights but was working very had to try and master the bent over row technique. In between sets he mentioned to his friend that he had lost 3 pounds. His friend promptly responded that he had actually gained a little over thanksgiving. He proceeded to tell him that his weight loss was probably water weight and that they were both doomed because they were born big people. I like to call these type of individuals mud pawns. We all know people like this. They don’t want to see anyone leave their shared state of misery. Be very aware of these types in the gym. Stay with positive motivators that say that they are excited for every incremental improvement that you make. We all have down days and it is so important for your lifestyle improvement success that you only surround yourself with positive people. Have a great workout and I am excited for everyone’s anticipated positive achievements.


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