Is it going to be a good or great day?

What kind of day are you going to have today? With all of the expectations, emotions,and tasks during the holiday season it is easy to find your day going back and forth from high to low. Sometimes it can be as quick as when cotton candy disappears in your mouth when it meets your lips. I believe that by setting your intentions for the day it is possible to have a great day. When you awaken in the morning tell yourself it is going to be a wonderful day. Get excited about the days workout, what a fun day you will have at work, and check out the awesome pastels in the sky. By projecting positive thoughts your mind and body will be on alert to recognize these things. Life is supposed to be fun and love is everywhere if we chose to embrace it. So listen for the laughter and feel the excitement and energy of the season. Have a great workout today and enjoy this awesome time of year.


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