The definition of fit

What is the definition of fit? Is it what the magazines display or how the advertising world defines it ?I have come to a point in my life where fit means being healthy on the inside. So my question today is how do we get fit at different ages ,and more importantly , how do we know when we are fit. Whose standards are we ultimately using anyway. There are a multitude of “fit” advertisements that we are exposed to daily. There are music videos, magazines, YouTube, and visuals of every day newscasters and weather people. The list goes on and on. The “nothing less than perfect ” mantra only leads to excuses that result in failure. I want to discuss this and help bring ¬†clarity to the word “fit” . ……..any takers?


2 thoughts on “The definition of fit

  1. Reena Davis says:

    For me fitness is more about how you feel than anything. Can you breathe well, can you move your body the way you’d like to (and are you being realistic about what you want to do with it), do you have a positive self image? Those can be physiological but also emotional and mental.

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