Don’t make your diet/lifestyle fast versus thin

I believe that we can all fall into the “fat versus thin” trap when setting our fitness goals. When you think about it, those two terms aren’t even necessary when beginning or maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The real focus should be setting goals for the proper amount of rest, balanced diet, and exercise program that you enjoy. We only set ourselves up for failure when we say “I am fat” or “I want to be thin”. Why does everything have to evaluated with a number or label. My suggestion when making or maintaining a lifestyle change is to try and live within the three simple guidelines of rest,diet and exercise. Weight loss is just a side benefit of living well. After all, we are all different, and who says that when someone gets to a certain number or looks thin that they are really healthy? Isn’t the real goal to be fit and able to enjoy life?


I am not going to let this morning’s pack of hyenas bring me to their level

I came back to work today after a wonderful birthday weekend to find a pack of hyenas waiting for me. This is a pack that only knows how to deal with issues through blame and attacks. While watching them circle me with their profanity laced tirades I thought to myself, how many can I take down before they knock me out. Then it hit me that the operative word was down. I promised myself many years ago that I would never compromise my belief of only speaking with good intentions to others. I stood tall and actively listened to them with good intentions. I tried to answer them respectfully. It felt good watching them walk away licking their chops knowing that I had held true to my being. I know that it is hard at times, but it always feels so much better when I take the high road. After all, isn’t it really their issue? How do you handle these type of mob style attacks?


You have to walk the length of a football field after just eating one what ?

Did you know that you have to walk the length of a football field to burn the calories from just one M&M ? It’s not that I am starting a campaign against M&M’s ( since they are one of my favorites ) but it does put things in perspective. I try and remember this if I am going to splurge on some empty calories. It’s not that I wont allow myself a treat. It just keeps me from fooling myself, that I can burn off that many calories in the gym at one time. What strategy do you use before a big caloric splurge?


I know today is going to be a good day because. ….

I know today is going to be a good day because I choose to live my life that way. I wake up every morning feeling truly blessed and grateful for everything in my life. I choose to focus on the positive in my life and truly believe that the day will bring opportunity to help others and grow a little more spiritually. I refuse to entertain negative thoughts from others. It doesn’t  bother me when people say that I’m too positive or they look to see if my energy slips. All I know is that my day evolves the way I set my intentions. How do you choose to start your day and stay positive?


No more scale for me

That’s right I will say it again no more scale for me. I think this is the first week that I can remember not weighing myself. I have been at goal for quite some time and  have continued to rely on the scale for my level of success.I have made the lifestyle changes including exercise and healthy diet so why do I need a number to tell me that I’m doing well. The reality is I don’t need one. So today I say goodbye scale. 


Why is it that the less we try to control our life the more….

Why is it that the less we try to control our life the more balanced it becomes. I have accepted that I have very little control over what happens around me. What I do have control of is the positive intentions that I set every morning. My belief is that positive energy is attracted to positive thoughts. I don’t waste any time on the negative and focus all of my thoughts towards an amazing journey through my life. You can’t worry about things that you don’t allow into your mind. What mindset do you choose in the morning?


We attract the energy we receive from our intentions