They said “you’re going to eat that? “

I had a homemade chocolate chip cookie, the other day, from a plate that someone had brought to work. As I took my first bite I heard some very loud voices saying “are you really going to eat that?”. I wasn’t sure if there was a fire in the room or a crime had just been committed. As a regimented gym rat I think it is important for all of us to enjoy a few treats during the holiday season. I have been at goal weight for a long time and almost always eat healthy. It is important to allow yourself some of the wonderful foods during the holiday season. We set ourselves up for failure when our expectations are set too high. So I say love yourself,enjoy the little things, and remember everything in moderation.


When you’re new in the gym please don’t…………..

When you’re new in the gym please don’t hang your head or feel out of place.  I noticed a new person working out shyly when  I was at the gym on Monday night. I could see that they were intimidated by the gym rats. I wanted to go over and say “don’t give up!”. We were all there at one time, and the truth is, that we are all there to improve our body and mind. As a self professed gym rat I  want  you to know that it is such a great step that you have taken for your health. Despite what a few people say most of us are excited for you and want you to stick with it. So welcome to the club and let’s all improve our health at our own pace.