Is it going to be a good or great day?

What kind of day are you going to have today? With all of the expectations, emotions,and tasks during the holiday season it is easy to find your day going back and forth from high to low. Sometimes it can be as quick as when cotton candy disappears in your mouth when it meets your lips. I believe that by setting your intentions for the day it is possible to have a great day. When you awaken in the morning tell yourself it is going to be a wonderful day. Get excited about the days workout, what a fun day you will have at work, and check out the awesome pastels in the sky. By projecting positive thoughts your mind and body will be on alert to recognize these things. Life is supposed to be fun and love is everywhere if we chose to embrace it. So listen for the laughter and feel the excitement and energy of the season. Have a great workout today and enjoy this awesome time of year.


I know it’s going to rain all weekend but I am not………….

So I was just checking the weather for this weekend and there is not much hope for any sun. I know that they are calling for rain on Saturday and Sunday, but I am not going to let it affect my mood. I am setting my intentions for all things good and believe that this is the way it will be. I am looking forward to an awesome workout tomorrow and a great yoga practice on Sunday. Here’s to staying positive !


I know that you are gone Mom, but I just wanted to say thanks for the……

I know that you are gone Mom, but I just wanted to say thanks for the impact that you have had on my life. Through the example that you lived, you taught me that at the core of all things is love. You showed that patience is possible and that if you start the day with a smile it usually ends the same way. You taught me that the world isn’t really about us as individuals, rather it is about humankind as one. You showed me the beauty of nature and gave me the skills to deal with pain and sorrow. No pity parties were allowed. You could always find the joy and blessing in any situation. I carry your spirit in my heart every day but Mother’s day is a special time of honor for all Mom’s. I mostly want to thank you for making me a man who is strong enough to cry in sorrow and laugh in joy. You loved me for who I was and never compared me to anyone else. So on this very special day all I can really say is that even though you are in my heart I miss you and wish you could be here for our celebration in June.






Staying Positive: When you look in the mirror today……..

When you look in the mirror today, observe yourself from the inside. There are too many times that we all look at small facial blemishes or wrinkles in our shirt rather than ourselves as a whole. I know it is easy for me to find many of my faults but today I am only going to look for the good within.