I am not going to let this morning’s pack of hyenas bring me to their level

I came back to work today after a wonderful birthday weekend to find a pack of hyenas waiting for me. This is a pack that only knows how to deal with issues through blame and attacks. While watching them circle me with their profanity laced tirades I thought to myself, how many can I take down before they knock me out. Then it hit me that the operative word was down. I promised myself many years ago that I would never compromise my belief of only speaking with good intentions to others. I stood tall and actively listened to them with good intentions. I tried to answer them respectfully. It felt good watching them walk away licking their chops knowing that I had held true to my being. I know that it is hard at times, but it always feels so much better when I take the high road. After all, isn’t it really their issue? How do you handle these type of mob style attacks?


6 thoughts on “I am not going to let this morning’s pack of hyenas bring me to their level

  1. I hate it when people act like this. But some people are just sharks, that’s what I view them as. I maintain my cool, and do not stoop to their level (no name-calling, yelling, personal attacks, or profanity), and often, by keeping calm myself, it diffuses the situation. Later on, when I’m by myself, I can vent by writing and having a cup of tea.

  2. GOSH… that sounds hectic! i am not sure how i would handle that… like you i would probably take it all in, be respectful, not retalitate because after all… and this quote changed me life a few months ago…
    “Your reaction to a situation has the abilty to change the situation itself!”
    So i always remind myslef of that when i need to.
    WELL DONE you! x

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