The definition of fit

What is the definition of fit? Is it what the magazines display or how the advertising world defines it ?I have come to a point in my life where fit means being healthy on the inside. So my question today is how do we get fit at different ages ,and more importantly , how do we know when we are fit. Whose standards are we ultimately using anyway. There are a multitude of “fit” advertisements that we are exposed to daily. There are music videos, magazines, YouTube, and visuals of every day newscasters and weather people. The list goes on and on. The “nothing less than perfect ” mantra only leads to excuses that result in failure. I want to discuss this and help bring ¬†clarity to the word “fit” . ……..any takers?


An unfair death sentence for an awesome dog

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Last weekend our dog Reece was in our backyard where she always stayed. Unfortunately our neighbors 4 lb dog wandered behind our house and our dog bit it. The dog died shortly after and we were soon visited by animal control and a police officer. They stated that the dog who was outside with the owner, before wandering over, should have been on a leash and that it was just a sad situation. I by no means am trying to justify the action of Reecey girl but the chain of events that follow make me ask “is this what we have become as a society?”. The next day the neighbor began a destroy my dog campaign. She went to the neighbors and tried to find out anything she could about the dog. Since she couldn’t find anyone who ever has seen that had never gone through the electric fence she begins fabricating dates from the previous year. These dates were never reported to officials. After her fear mongering with families in our area she heads for the town selectman. She begins to chant that the dog is dangerous and even claims that she is a pit. On Wednesday I receive a call from animal control stating that charges are being filed with the selectman and chief of police and that she is worried if someone enters my property. I am glad that she is worried about others maybe the fact that they let their dog run loose all the time made her think differently. I had to make arrangements to put this healthy, loyal, 9 year old dog down. She had never bitten anyone or even growled at people. I took her to the vet at 7 pm last night . As we entered the building Reece greeted all the workers with her grin. When the vet came into the room she looked at girly and said this dog has no aggression. She told me that she didn’t want to destroy this beautiful dog. I asked her, while the animal control officer was there, if she thought she had any pit bull and her answer was absolutely not. The first tranquilizer barely made her drowsy. The vet was surprised as she said she gave her enough to take a big Rottweiler down. She said she had quite a will to live. As she gave her the second shot she put her head down and her claws dug into the floor as she fought for her last breath. I left in tears and couldn’t even speak as I exited the building. The staff had such a look of sadness in their eyes. I thanked them for being so kind to our Reecey girl. All of this because one person wasn’t following the rules and was irresponsible with their own dog. It seems as though this is what happens in our society. The robber sues the person being robbed because the victim fought back and hurt them. The good Samaritan that saves someones life but gets sued because they broke a bone. A coffee house gets sued because someone doesn’t test the temperature of the liquid. I followed the law today and had to put the smartest most well behaved dog that I have ever had because of someone’s irresponsibility,ignorance and venomous payback. You may think you got your way but her memory of love and loyalty will never leave us.


Is it going to be a good or great day?

What kind of day are you going to have today? With all of the expectations, emotions,and tasks during the holiday season it is easy to find your day going back and forth from high to low. Sometimes it can be as quick as when cotton candy disappears in your mouth when it meets your lips. I believe that by setting your intentions for the day it is possible to have a great day. When you awaken in the morning tell yourself it is going to be a wonderful day. Get excited about the days workout, what a fun day you will have at work, and check out the awesome pastels in the sky. By projecting positive thoughts your mind and body will be on alert to recognize these things. Life is supposed to be fun and love is everywhere if we chose to embrace it. So listen for the laughter and feel the excitement and energy of the season. Have a great workout today and enjoy this awesome time of year.


They said “you’re going to eat that? “

I had a homemade chocolate chip cookie, the other day, from a plate that someone had brought to work. As I took my first bite I heard some very loud voices saying “are you really going to eat that?”. I wasn’t sure if there was a fire in the room or a crime had just been committed. As a regimented gym rat I think it is important for all of us to enjoy a few treats during the holiday season. I have been at goal weight for a long time and almost always eat healthy. It is important to allow yourself some of the wonderful foods during the holiday season. We set ourselves up for failure when our expectations are set too high. So I say love yourself,enjoy the little things, and remember everything in moderation.


Watch out for the mud people…….they are everywhere

I was working out in the gym yesterday and I heard the 2 people talking. They were both in the beginning of their weight loss/fitness journey. The first person was struggling with free weights but was working very had to try and master the bent over row technique. In between sets he mentioned to his friend that he had lost 3 pounds. His friend promptly responded that he had actually gained a little over thanksgiving. He proceeded to tell him that his weight loss was probably water weight and that they were both doomed because they were born big people. I like to call these type of individuals mud pawns. We all know people like this. They don’t want to see anyone leave their shared state of misery. Be very aware of these types in the gym. Stay with positive motivators that say that they are excited for every incremental improvement that you make. We all have down days and it is so important for your lifestyle improvement success that you only surround yourself with positive people. Have a great workout and I am excited for everyone’s anticipated positive achievements.


The difference between a good and great workout might just be a simple statement

They say mental preparation is important when taking tests and other important daily tasks. My question today is have you ever considered that your mental approach prior to your workout can make the difference between a good workout and a great one. I notice that when I occasionally say to myself that I have to get my workout in that it’s usually just a good one. On most days I tell myself, and others that will listen, that I can’t wait for my workout. These are the days with the most intense and maximized sessions and the endorphin’s seem to stay with me throughout the day. So my challenge to you today is, tell yourself that you cant wait to get to the gym, feel the hunger, and then see if it makes it an awesome workout with above average results.